The Candlelight yin yoga workshop is a precious chance to slow down and soften. In this practice, we consciously relax the muscular tissue of the body, using the support of blankets, bolsters, and blocks. Yin Yoga is a much-needed complement to a hectic life of constantly “doing”. The stillness of a yin practice primes us to meditation. 

     Marcela will be guiding you through a blissful yin workshop, focusing on releasing muscles and connective tissues of the body (tendons, ligaments, and fascia) and also, on the meridian lines. Meridians are pathways for energy around the body, including the organs. Autumn has arrived and winter is on its way, therefore we will explore the lung/large intestine meridians and the kidneys/urinary bladder meridians. Poses will be held between 3-5 minutes, come comfy and warm. Open to all levels.

     As we slow down, space is created for quiet self-reflection. 

     Be prepared for a Tibetan sing bowl during savasana.